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Explore our displays

Map of Seasky International Light Show - Niagara Falls Ontario

001 – Flower Channel
002- Bamboo Forest Passage
003- Peacock Gage
004- Flamingo
005- Corn poppy
006- Cherry Blossom Road
007-Polar Bear
008- Mushroom Tunnel
009- Peacock opens its tail
010- African Prairie Animal Kingdom
011- Tropical Rain Forest
012- Dazzle colour frisbees
013- Stage
014- Panda World
015-  Fruits and Vegetables

016- Blue and white porcelain bottle
017- The dinosaur
018- Mammoth
019- Dragon
020- Deer World
021- Peacock
022- Ice and Snow World
023- The Frog Prince
024- Desert
025- Magic Jellyfish
026- Dream Ocean
027- Candy Fun
028-Castle Lighting up
029- Merry Christmas
030- Cherry Blossom Channel
031-Rattan Lantern

Come see our sparkling lights

We’re going to  bring much-needed joy and light to the Niagara community during challenging times.

Our festival allows guests to step into an enchanting world of light and colour. Over 30 themed light displays, each consisting of dozens of hand-crafted sculptures and thousands of lights will marvel your senses.

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