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Cherry Blossom Illuminated Trail We'll Light Up Your Smile ENJOY THE MAGIC sEASKY INTERNATIONAL LIGHT SHOW


Our team is working diligently to reopen our lightshow attraction by the end of summer. Our target date for ticket sales is end of August, 2021. Check back soon for more information. 

Seasky International Light Show is coming to Niagara. This visually spectacular lantern and light festival will allow you to explore over 30 magical light displays on the illuminated trail that you can walk at your leisure. Light up the darkness and bring a smile to your face!

Light Up Your Night!

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Our lights will delight you!
LED Flower Light Display Niagara Falls Light Festival

Flowers lighting the path to your journey, taking the elements of the real world and translating into light. The Flower Channel opens the door to the incredible displays that await your discovery on the trail!

Dinosaur Light Festival Display

Although usually interactive, due to the current heath climate we have taken extra precautions for your safety that will still be fun!

Dragon LED Light Display

It will leave you in awe when you experience the brilliance of today’s colourful LED technology combined with genius of creative artistic designs and the spectacular size of the displays like the 40 metre long and 4 metre high dragon which is one of over 30 displays on our magical trail!

Light up your imagination!
Visit our attraction and step into an enchanting world of light and colour. New technology and LED lights showcase the magnitude of the work behind these beautiful displays.
Niagara Falls Light Festival Displays
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the Seasky International Lightshow

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Create Special Family Moments at the Light Show !

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Seasky International Light Show Arctic Animal Display with polar bears, penguins and whales illuminated with 1000's of lights.