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About Seasky International Lightshow
Explore the magic of light!
Seasky International Light Show

Seasky was established over 2 years ago with the vision of bringing family friendly attractions to the beautiful Niagara Region.

Originally set to start in the Spring of 2020, the International Light Show Festival was delayed due to COVID-19 and the prioritizing the health and safety of everyone before launch.

The International Lightshow is a magical, unique experience that brings our world together at a time that we need it most!

The Sea and The Sky

The sea represents the distance between Canada and the rest of the world with the light show bringing their cultures to Niagara. The night sky reminds us that, no matter where we are in the world, we all can look up and be connected by the same view. It signifies unity and hope as the stars remind us that no matter how dark the night may be, there will always be stars to light our way.

An International Festival

Most of the light displays you will see in Niagara Falls, have been showcased in more than 40 countries, including USA (New York, San Francisco, Miami, Jacksonville),  Japan (Tokyo), Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania , Russia(Moscow, St. Petersburg), Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Australia and New Zealand etc., at many famous international brands such as Disney, Hello Kitty, The World Carnival, Coca Cola, China Central Television, and other international companies over the past 20 years.

Watch us sparkle
A rainbow of colours
Illuminate the night through magical displays of light and colour.
A global experience
Our displays bring together the creativity and artistry of visionaries from across the World.
An experience loved by all
For families, friends, young and old alike. Everyone will marvel at the scale of these lights.
Light up the night
We’re going to bring much-needed joy and light to the Niagara community where guests step into an enchanting world of light and colour.
Explore our 1.5km trail of lights. The average time it takes to finish our walk is 1.5 hrs.
Stars to see
Over 30 themed light displays, each consisting of dozens of hand-crafted sculptures and thousands of lights.
Watch us glow
brilliant glittering lights
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