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Take a stroll down our enchanted trail

Take a stroll down our enchanted trail and experience the much-needed joy and light our festival brings to the Niagara community during these challenging times. We’ve created an experience where guests step into an incredible world of light and colour.

Come visit over 30 themed light displays, each consisting of dozens of hand-crafted sculptures and thousands of lights. Most of the light displays you will see in Niagara Falls, have been showcased in more than 40 countries, including USA (New York, San Francisco, Miami, Jacksonville),  Japan (Tokyo), Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania , Russia(Moscow, St. Petersburg), Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Australia and New Zealand etc., at many famous international brands such as Disney, Hello Kitty, The World Carnival, Coca Cola, China Central Television, and other international companies over the past 20 years.

Enjoy a magical evening stroll along our 1.2 km trail. Our displays bring together the creativity and artistry of visionaries from across the World through immersive light sculptures, and a magical, illuminated trail. No matter how dark the night may be, there will always be stars to light our way.

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